Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another break!

As you can tell, I have not written in a while. A fairly long while, actually. Do not worry -- it is not because Russians hate the world, or any such thing -- as pessimistic as Russians sometimes are, they still enjoy life! Or at the very least, the ability to be pessimistic as you live it! And who doesn't enjoy that, really?

No, it is simply personal (and very Russian, of course) matters that force me to take another break. In Russia, February is thought to be one of the worst months of the year, being the end of the winter and all, but the American March is proving to be just as bad, at least for the non-rich and the non-lucky (lottery ticket-wise). Unfortunately, due to a strong lack of money to buy tvorog with and a dwindling savings account I am forced to lay aside my sense of humour for a while and attempt some pessimistic job-searching (once again).

Do not worry, though, my dear readers! I will return very shortly and tell you all about bayans, mayonnaise salads, dachas, and cuckoo clocks. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy some lovely Russian stop-motion from the 1980's:


  1. The stop-motion's excellent! Do you know if it was originally broadcasted on television?

  2. I'm not sure -- I'd have to ask my mom, since she was alive and in Russia back then. My guess is it probably was, but not as often as more well known stop motions and cartoons -- just a few times rather than every time cartoons and short films came on.

  3. I am an American living in Russia and I just wondered if someone had started this blog yet. Right now, my neighbors are remodeling their house. In fact, they remodel their house almost every day, and it sounds like their chosen mode of decor will be "Swiss cheese," because from what I can hear they are just repeatedly drilling holes into the walls. I am a teacher and one of my students mentioned that during New Year holidays, people are not allowed to remodel their houses, ha ha. I would probably write about this if it were my blog. You could also mention being first onto the bus, being a "consultant," being superstitious, having a good salary, traveling to Turkey and Egypt, birthdays, chocolate, physics, etc. etc. I love Russia and these funny little things that seem to be so common. Also, Russian films and cartoons are great!

  4. Ah, you just brought back so many fond childhood memories -- waking up on Sunday morning, the sun is shining, the radio is on in the living room, and it sounds like someone is trying to simultaneously drill and smash their way through my ceiling.