Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hello, dear reader(s),
I'm afraid this blog is on hiatus until what will likely be the beginning of October -- for the past two weeks I have been busy moving into a new house (in which I have so far had the pleasure of stepping barefoot into cat poo -- something you won't see listed on this site, I assure you -- and single-handedly fighting off a ferocious army of huge black ants). We won't have internet in our new house till Thursday, until which me and my S.O. will be taking a vacation -- that is, staying with his brother two states away. Actually, that is what we are doing now, hence this entry. After that will be my birthday, and after THAT we might have another trip (maybe). So you see, I won't be writing here for a little while. Somewhere in October, this blog will continue as scheduled (that is, whenever I feel like writing in it).
Until then, I leave you with the following short Russian video, based on the novel "Master and Margarita".



  1. This blog is excellent, hilariously written, and very true. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged.